Campbell, CA Public Used Car Auction

Weekly Auto Auction

Each Monday morning, we hold an unclaimed vehicle auction that is open to the public and offers great value on used cars. Individual bidders and buyers representing companies are welcome.

Each week Dick's Community Towing holds a public auto auction to sell cars that have been seized or abandoned. Some of these vehicles were running when they were seized and provide a great deal to buyers. Auctions are required by law. All seized vehicles must be publicly auctioned, and all are welcome. These cars are often sold for much less than the retail prices. If you are looking for a cheap used car come to the Dick’s Automotive location in Campbell and get a great deal on a cheap car.

Looking for a cheap used car in West San Jose? Cheap cars in Bay Area are often difficult to find. With so many people, cars are often overpriced. But not at Dick's Community Towing’s weekly Seized Car Auction. It is a great place to get a good cheap car in the South Bay. In fact, many area used car dealers buy their cars from our auctions each week. So, cut out the middleman and come to our auction where you can get a cheap used car.

In accordance with Section 3072 of the California Civil Code, the listed vehicles will be available for public sale at 9:00AM. The vehicles are available for inspection one hour before sale time. The lien holder may bid on vehicle. Vehicles are sold as is. Vehicle inventory subject to change right up to the time of auction.